Before you read all about the fantastic BoilerBuddy,

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The BoilerBuddy stops limescale in combi boilers...




Are you a plumber? Get it for £69! Email us.

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600g of silicate-polyphosphate inside

Comes complete with isolating valves

Doesn’t need to be replaced for two years

Works out to just 10p a day

Guaranteed to work - or your money back



We state that our BoilerBuddy is not only ALWAYS cheaper than its nearest rival, the CombiMate, but can work out to £185 cheaper over 10 years! Email us for a full explanation.




That’s our pledge


If your BoilerBuddy doesn’t work...

we’ll give you your money back


We’ve been manufacturing limescale inhibitors since 2003...

And we have NEVER had to return anyone’s money!


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